[.kpopmeetingsgermany140528 Interview with Jörg Dietzel (Siwon is mentioned)

Q: How was it like to meet Choi Siwon?

- I will never forget the day we first met. It happened about 1 year ago at the Seoul Motorshow. He was acting as an Audi ambassador at our Audi stand. He came to me and said hello. A very friendly guy who spoke very good English. He was interested in other people, their thoughts and ideas. We got to know each other more during the Le Mans 24-hour race last year.

Q: What impression did he leave on you?

- I had to always remind myself that he’s very well-known and famous, because in reality he was a very normal guy. Extremely friendly and compassionate. We are both Christians. When my father died last year, Siwon would always send me text messages and called me to ask me how I was dealing with the news and if he could help in any way. He’s a great human being, he impressed me a lot. (T)

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The Victoria & Albert Museum


I think Dr. Phil’s closed-captioning guy got fired

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Sherlock Holmes + eyebrow wrinkling.

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Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010

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