turbo the chihuahua

This little Chihuahua puppy is Turbo. Turbo was born without any front legs due to a birth defect.

He was getting picked on by his littermates because he had trouble getting around. The compassionate staff at The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis took him in. They wanted to help Turbo become more mobile but can’t fit him with a cart until he is 6 months old due to his growth spurts.

So it’s time to get creative with tiny things that will fit him like toy parts!  After some trial and error, they built Turbo the perfect set of wheels. Sweet! Turbo is rollin’ on toy wheels!

You can help Turbo get his permanent set of wheels here. You can also watch Turbo grow on Facebook and Instagram.

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Actor Chris Pratt beamed down to our sector of the universe Monday night to surprise an auditorium full of deserving kids in a special New York Daily News and Disney Studios sponsored charity screening of the superheroes-in-space flick.

And the 35-year-old actor who plays the hero Star-Lord in the Marvel movie stayed in the theater until every last one of them who wanted to take a picture with him got their selfie.

“That was really fun, this is what is all about,” said a visibly touched Pratt after the show. “I get impatient sometimes being on a promotional tour all the time, but something like this I would sit here as long as it took to take a picture with every one of those guys.”

“Tonight was really special to me.”

Pratt stayed long past the time his security detail was supposed to whisk him away to answer questions and give some words of wisdom.

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get to know me meme [3/5] movies: pacific rim
"When I was a kid, whenever I’d feel small or lonely, I’d look up at the stars. Wondered if there was life up there. Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction. When alien life entered our world, it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean."

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